ezpz Clan

We apply the left sides.

We as the, ezpz Clan, like to apply the pressure on the left sides of our electronic devices connected to the ports inside the our computer, to enabled a winnings from whatever clan we are on, (blue clan or red clan). We are the ultimate applied the pressures there ever was, ownaging at the proper opportunities to enabled a killed. ezpz Clan does not tolerate the sayings of the mean word over the internet as it very mean and make other player hurt feel bad. May all of the clans be a good game and play fare. GooD BYe!

Together as ezpz Clan, we are all the many player that are able to a enable the falling downs of the mess talk opponents and create a better place for both you and you are friend to play videogame. We will make everyone that is a mess talk fall down by enable the left apply pressure on the electronic device (mouse) connect to the computer you are current play on. ezpz Clan is not a clan, it is a family. Wait nvm it's a clan.

ezpz Clan ideology

Hello, man I know a tough in life for you right now, but mess talk will not make you on the top. You'are decision to apply an pressure the enter key is very ungood decision. You need an looking behind you are motive and contemplate, Am I really a good decision When on internet an may be easy to go around mess talk but you an maybe hurt a feeling you know Sometime you got to insert the considerationing of one another and may be some time they make an good back to you.

more pew pew less rq #ezpz